9 Coffee Shops in Melbourne to Relax, Drink, and Play

The coffee scene in Melbourne is impressive. They know how to make coffee time be taken seriously here. That’s why you’ll read a list of some of the best places you can find to enjoy a good cup of coffee while playing online slots at https://playamo-bonus.org.

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

Seven Seeds is located north of downtown Melbourne. A young area that is always vibrant. They offer an espresso with a touch of fruit and caramelized blends. You can also find lemonade and iced tea.

Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road offers a menu with coffee-based meals.

Its baristas are excellent professionals who will leave you wanting to come back and enjoy their different options.


Maling Room

Maling Room is undoubtedly one of the best places to relax while enjoying a good cup of coffee. Here you will find traditional beans brought from different parts of the world. Let yourself be surprised by the kindness of their staff and the wonderful menu they have to offer.

Industry Beans

Industry Beans is a whole coffee lab. You can find spaces for barista training, a tasting part, and a roaster. The hot and cold coffee options are impressive. They offer delicious breakfasts that you can’t miss.

Aunty Peg’s

At Aunty Peg’s you can learn while the baristas explain the process of preparing the coffee. They offer a variety of locally roasted beans. They have an iced coffee with beer that you can’t miss and a nice atmosphere that invites you to be there a bit longer.

Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee is dedicated to making coffee from single-origin beans. This is a must for any coffee lover. Its characteristic espresso is one of everyone’s favourites.

ST Ali

This place has made roasted beans popular all over Melbourne. It is one of the city’s most important suppliers. Their coffees are a blend of milk and their organic blend of black espresso. Their hot and cold coffee options are impressive.

Gold Drops

Gold Drops is the only supplier of natural coffee in all of Melbourne. What makes the difference to regular coffee is the fruit. If you have any doubts, you can come and talk to the owner, Ari Abad, who is always available to explain the differences to his customers.

Axil Coffee Roasters

Three-time national barista title winner Dave Makin is in charge of the team working in this café. The beans used are obtained directly from the growers. In this way, ethical standards are maintained. Also, the house blend changes depending on the season. It is a way to reflect world conditions and keep the food complementing the menu.

After reading this list, you probably feel like having a good cup of coffee. Take advantage and visit any of these places to enjoy a good coffee. Whichever one you choose, a pleasant time, kindness, quality, and good service are guaranteed.