about-malingroomOur founder Oliver Whittaker was always a coffee lover. During his trips to the Caribbean with his family, the different flavours and aromas of coffee fascinated him. As time passed, he dedicated himself to specializing in coffee, took several courses to become a barista, and upon graduation, opened his coffee shop.

Maling Room is the name of his business, a place specially made for all coffee lovers. Little by little, more connoisseurs joined in and became interested in working with Oliver and sharing knowledge.Therefore, they started offering coffee tasting events and roasting classes.

Oliver connected with people around the world through his family trips, so he is sure he brings the world’s best artisanal coffees. At the same time, he decided to launch the Maling Room website to share the best articles with quality information on the subject.

Also, the website gives a voice to all the best coffeeshops in the city that are giving a talk with their good service and their incomparable way of preparing coffee.

You can also find food reviews. Good coffee should be accompanied by a good meal and we know that very well. With us, you can improve your knowledge and share your experiences.

Every day, many websites about places to taste coffee are launched. However, not all of them have professional people and reliable information. With Maling Room, you can trust that we will share trustworthy information and nice, tasty recipes for you, as we check them outourselves.

If you are a true coffee lover and are interested in learning more every day, this is the place for you. If you are new to the subject and are starting to taste coffee, you are also welcome here.

Improve your knowledge and learn every day with us. Remember that the passion for coffee goes beyond appreciating a nicely decorated cup of coffee.