At the Maling Room, Coffee is our Passion

The passion for coffee moves us. You’ll only find the best places to enjoy a coffee in the city.

Responsible Information

Maling Room is formed by people who know about coffee. We have dedicated our lives to studying everything that coffee has to offer. That’s why we sell handcrafted coffee. We are dedicated to captivate the palate of all our customers and delight them with fine aromas.

We bring artisanal coffees from all over the world to show that coffee lovers are everywhere. Just as we love what we do, we understand the importance of sharing information responsibly. On this website, you will only find the best places in town to have quality coffee.

The attention to the client added to the good preparation of the coffee are the characteristics that we take into account. That’s why people love us and our specialty coffee blends so much.

With Maling Room, you will be able to learn more about coffee not only with our articles but also with our coffee tasting sessions.

Passion for Coffee

The passion for coffee is what drives us. You will only find quality artisanal coffees. Strictly selected, we travel around the world discovering the best flavours of the producing country.

Coffee Tasting Sessions

Mailing Room is an excellent team of coffee connoisseurs. Trained and studied, we have all the necessary tools to teach about coffee and share the knowledge with you.

Quality Content

Due to our knowledge, you’ll find the most important places in the city to enjoy a well-prepared cup of coffee for an exceptional experience.

Mailing Room, with all the coffee love

With Mailing Room, you’ll discover wonderful places in the city you didn’t know existed to enjoy the most delicious coffee.