The Ultimate Coffee Blend Guide for New Consumers

If you’re a coffee-lover, you must know their styles and differences. Here’s a complete guide on coffee for you.

Types of Coffee Beans


This is the most popular for its taste. It’s used to prepare black coffee and has a sweeter taste.


Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica, that’s why it’s stronger in flavour. It’s often used to make espresso drinks and instant coffee blends.

Types of Coffee Brews

There are many types of coffee drinks you can make to enjoy with any of these beans.


Black coffee is obtained by soaking the beans in hot water.


Latte is made with a shot of espresso and steamed milk. A touch of foam is necessary.


This latte is made with a lot of foam. Sometimes it’s served with a little cocoa powder or cinnamon.


The taste of Americano is usually very similar to that of black coffee. To prepare it, pour a squirt of espresso in hot water.

Iced Coffee

This coffee is served with ice; milk, cream, and coffee are essential.

Iced Espresso

The iced espresso is very similar to iced coffee. It can be prepared with special drinks such as macchiatos, Americanos, and mochas among others.

Cold Brew

To prepare a cold brew, you must first leave the coffee beans soaking for 6 to 36 hours. Then, you add cold milk. How long you soak the beans depends on how strong you want your drink.

Tools You Need

It’s very easy to prepare these delicious coffee drinks. You just need a good machine to help you. Below you can read a list of some of the best ones.

French Press

With this manual coffee maker, you simply add the ground coffee beans, pour in the hot water and leave it to soak for several minutes. In the end, you press the plunger and your drink is ready.


With the percolator, hot water bubbles push the coffee beans. It will be a repetitive cycle until the coffee is ready to be served.

Single Serve

These single-use coffee machines are very popular. Pour the amount of coffee into the reusable filter, add water, and just wait for it to boil.

Knowing how to prepare a good coffee is an art that takes practise to make you a master. Whatever your favourite is, always enjoy it during your break.

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